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NEWS  – Summer 2018

40 Years in the Making: The Magic Music Movie is going to come out in theaters in a ‘limited release” on August 3. For the whole story about the incredible film made by Lee and Fleur about the band visit the “Movie Page.

40 YEARS IN THE MAKING: The Magic Music Movie in Theaters August 3

Sound track Album available from The Orchard
40 YEARS IN THE MAKING: The Magic Music Movie will be avaiable via Internet distribution September 3

Find a theater near you:

Opening August 3 – The Village East – New York, NY

Opening August 8 – Boedecker Theater/Dairy Center – Boulder, CO

Opening August 10 – SIE Film Center – Denver, CO

Opening August 10 – Laemmle Music Hall – Los Angeles, CA

Keep checking back for more theaters and cities – more are confirming all the time!

Some members of Magic Music would not be unfamiliar to historians of the Colorado music scene. It included Chris “Spoons” Daniels on guitar — he found lasting success fronting Chris Daniels and the Kings — and Rob Galloway (formerly known as “Poonah,” now known as “Don’t Call Me Poonah”) on bass, who would go on to play with Carole King, Navarro and Leftover Salmon. Other members were George “Tode” Cahill on flute, Will “Wilbur” Luckey on guitar, Kevin “CW” Milburn on percussion, Bill “Das” Makepeace, who succeeded Galloway on bass, and founding member Lynn “Flatbush” Poyer, a guitarist who died in 2011.

Colorado-based legends Magic Music – dubbed the state’s first “jam band” – have a storied history that truly complements their name. Hailing from various cities around the United States, the group began as a merry troop of renegades whose brotherhood was eternally forged in the music they made.