JANUARY 4, 2017  ̶  Little Feat’s Bill Payne has found a kindred spirit in Magic Music, a top draw on the Colorado festival scene of the 1970s who released their acclaimed debut album in 2016.

    Payne played piano and organ on the band’s self-titled set, which reintroduces material written (but never recorded) by the pioneering band prior to their 1976 breakup. Following a digital and CD release last fall, Magic Music has just issued a vinyl LP.

    Hear the album.

    Payne says, “What pulls band members back into orbit is ultimately the intimacy of the music that brought them together in the first place, along with a desire to expand upon that music, while simultaneously reliving and celebrating the joys and struggles of an experience that is like no other.”

    Magic Music was formed

  • Bright Sun Bright Rain” by Magic Music

    Colorado-based legends Magic Music – dubbed the state’s first “jam band” – have a storied history that truly complements their name. Hailing from various cities around the United States, the group began as a merry troop of renegades whose brotherhood was eternally forged in the music they made. In 2014, Will Luckey, George Cahill, Chris Daniels, Tim Goodman, Tommy Major and Jimmy Haslip came together to make the first studio album for a band that was never a national household name in 1970. People still remember this first Colorado ‘jam band’ playing the 2nd and 3rd Telluride Bluegrass Festivals. They played shows in LA, New York, Nashville and all over the States with the likes of Cat Stevens, The Youngbloods, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Steve Martin and more. Bad record deals from major and independent labels came and went but only their reunions at their old

  • Great review on Magic Music from Gas House Radio

    Gas House Radio~9 out of 10 stars


    The sheer sprawl of this album implies suppressed creativity now unleashed. Few bands in any genre would dare to debut with a full length album of seventeen songs, virtually all of them clocking in between four and five minutes long. Some might think that the Americana style ensures easy comprehension of the material, but the six piece sorcery of Colorado’s Magic Music is a potent and layered mix of musical subtleties. Their debut album doesn’t restrict itself to chasing after one stylistic route. Instead, Magic Music ably bring in a variety of traditional music sounds under one tent and leave no sign of stitching behind for the listeners to notice. These are fully formed works of musical art and many of the performances further benefit from guest performances that make sense. Bill Payne, Scarlet Rivera, and John McFee are among the musical artists making contributions to an album that’s been forty years in the making. Magic Music makes it count. If they never record a follow up, their self-titled debut will endure with its audience for some time to come.

    Magic Music starts things off with two exceptional tracks that are among the album’s best. “Bring Down the Morning” and “Bright Sun Bright Rain” have the same kind of instruments working to bring the song together, but they have very different temperaments. The shimmering production makes the playing leap to life out of your speakers. The jaunty romp of “Mole’s Stumble” betrays no such clumsy turns and, instead, bounces insistently from the first seconds onward. The light brush drumming sets a great pulse for the song as well. “Gandy Dancer” is one of the most impressively melodic tracks on the album thanks to the compelling trading off between the instruments. The vocal is very strong and tailors itself quite closely to the melodic trajectory of the song.

  • Woodstock Travel Log

    We are stardust, we are golden, We are billion year old carbon,
    And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.
     “Woodstock”, Joni Mitchel 1970

    Will and I had a great trip to Woodstock. Will was actually there in 1969 but doesn’t remember
    much, so I guess he really was there. Lenny Bach was our initial tour guide, historian and interviewer for “Live At Five” on WTSD Woodstock, a totally rock’n station, check out their live stream. John Kirkpatrick who over see’s the Bearsville Theatre and Restaurant Complex was also a great host to Scarlet, Will and myself for dinner both nights we were there.

    So playing the Cosmic Jingle at the festival site was oh so cool. The energy is still there from what

  • IFA Talks to Will Luckey about Magic Music

  • Martha’s Vineyard musicians recapture the magic

    Will Luckey (left) and Tim Goodman celebrate the arrival of boxes of Magic Music on real, live, vinyl long-playing records in Vineyard Haven last month. —Suzie Carlsgaard

    When word got around a year or so back that Will Luckey of West Tisbury and Tim Goodman of Vineyard Haven were collaborating on an album, those who first heard the singer/guitar pickers play on the Vineyard in the 1960s might have felt a bit nostalgic. Once they give a listen to what the two old pals have been up to recently, their focus will likely shift to the present, and maybe to the future too. Friday, August 19, is the official release date of “Magic Music,” a CD and plain old vinyl LP that reintroduces us to the folk/rock/country music that they cut their teeth on, while refreshing it with the help of some incredibly accomplished musicians and modern





    Self-titled debut record out on August 19

    June 17, 2016, Denver, CO: Colorado-based legends Magic Music – dubbed the state’s first “jam band” – have a storied history that truly complements their name. The group began as a merry troop of renegades whose brotherhood was eternally forged in the music they made.

    The band’s sound coalesced in the days when the members lived in Eldorado Canyon (inspiration for a longtime favorite song in the band’s repertoire) in two school buses and a doughnut truck, where they made a living panhandling and busking.

    In addition to legendary performances at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, 

  • Chris Daniels is set to MC


    Chris Daniel’s “looking forward to seeing old Magic Music friends at Telluride, Colorado, June 15-19th. It will be great to share the news about the ‪#‎NewMusic‬ that will be released August 2016. ‪#‎MagicMusic‬”