Producer’s Corner

  • Woodstock Travel Log

    We are stardust, we are golden, We are billion year old carbon,
    And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.
     “Woodstock”, Joni Mitchel 1970

    Will and I had a great trip to Woodstock. Will was actually there in 1969 but doesn’t remember
    much, so I guess he really was there. Lenny Bach was our initial tour guide, historian and interviewer for “Live At Five” on WTSD Woodstock, a totally rock’n station, check out their live stream. John Kirkpatrick who over see’s the Bearsville Theatre and Restaurant Complex was also a great host to Scarlet, Will and myself for dinner both nights we were there.

    So playing the Cosmic Jingle at the festival site was oh so cool. The energy is still there from what

  • IFA Talks to Will Luckey about Magic Music


    Will and tim 3

    Tim and Will were hanging around the studio and thought it would be fun to bring a couple of the guitars that we all played back in 1970 into the game. These guitars were built by NBN guitars in Colorado, back in the day and were cherished by many terrific performers, such as James Taylor. Magic Music was given a bit of money by a fan to actually buy real guitars so they could perform their  music properly.  Lynn and Will went straight to NDN guitars and bought two instruments. These War horses made it through thick and thin for a long stretch of time. Unfortunately, Will’s guitar was stolen at a gig in Denver but Tim, who had one built at the same time, was gracious enough to

  • Checking in with Scarlet Rivera


    Scarlet red coat (1)

    The first moment I heard the music of Magic Music, I was stunned. The highly original music of Magic Music is anti-formula and authentic to the core The musicianship is the in the stratosphere, combining both virtuosity and passion, and a story of remarkable lifelong friendships. I am grateful to be weaving my violin lines as apart of Magic Music’s new story as it unfolds.

    My musical life and career continues to be rich and rewarding.  Some of the highlights of the past few years as a member of Voice of Van Gogh, as writer, violinist and vocalist.  Our latest release entitled Painting With Van Gogh with the title track Sacred Wheel co-written with the group leader and founder, John Cate, originally from Boston.   Our other legendary co-writer

  • From Our Dear Friend Bill Payne~

    Billy PayneMagic Music

    Musical continuity attached to growth, and, often, separation, is the thread that binds a collection of individuals through the shifting landscapes of discovery, a reflection of a band’s life.

    What pulls band members back into orbit is ultimately the intimacy of the music that brought them together in the first place, along with a desire to expand upon that music, while simultaneously reliving and celebrating the joys and attendant struggles of an experience that is like no other.

    Magic Music’s bedrock of integrity is solidly based on those experiences and backed with a musical effort that could only have been realized by them. Their voice is intact and has indeed grown. I’m pleased to have been invited into their world. Thanks to them all for that.

    Bill Payne

  • Americana Music Conference Nashville TN 2014

    Maria Brunner from Insight Management and Tim Goodman, producer of the new Magic Music album were in Nashville for the Americana Music Conference.  They attended a concert with Johnny Mathis and the Nashville Symphony.  They also got to see Johnny’s long-time guitarist Gil Reigers. Photo Credit: Maria Brunner Pictured L to R:  Tim Goodman, Susie, Johnny Mathis and Gill Reigers backstage at Symphony Hall.
    Tim Susie Johnny and Gil 2014

  • FMQB Conference in Boulder 2014 “The Team”

    Tim Goodman, producer of the soon-to-be-released Magic Music project, attended FMQB in Boulder to share the good news with folks in the industry. It was a pleasure hanging with Jeff Cook. Maria Brunner of Insight Management and Steve Garvan of Garvan Management, who are part of the project, were also on hand to spread the Magic Music vibes.Jeff TG Steve & Maria 2014Jeff & TG FMQB 2014