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The first moment I heard the music of Magic Music, I was stunned. The highly original music of Magic Music is anti-formula and authentic to the core The musicianship is the in the stratosphere, combining both virtuosity and passion, and a story of remarkable lifelong friendships. I am grateful to be weaving my violin lines as apart of Magic Music’s new story as it unfolds.

My musical life and career continues to be rich and rewarding.  Some of the highlights of the past few years as a member of Voice of Van Gogh, as writer, violinist and vocalist.  Our latest release entitled Painting With Van Gogh with the title track Sacred Wheel co-written with the group leader and founder, John Cate, originally from Boston.   Our other legendary co-writer and band mate on keys and vocals is John Durrell, a veteran writer who was inducted into the Hall of Fame as a songwriter, having written hits for Merle Haggard, Cher, Sinatra to name a few, and songs placed in Clint Eastwood films.