mixerThat’s the subject line I’ve used many a time on the Boston to LA flight as I’ made a habit of emailing Spoons in those moments with cathartic ramblings, deep thoughts, and pipe dreams of actually getting this heartfelt body of work created by Magic Music recorded and out into the world. Spoons was dealing with his own challenges and often not feeling to well and it became our ritual to communicate in those moments, myself at 35,000 feet, Spoons at home in Denver, most often at night, under the cover of darkness, adding to the wonder of it all…..

And today as I’m flying to Colorado to attend the Triple A Radio Conference in Boulder it’s an amazing feeling knowing the Magic Music Album is done. Why did it take two and half years? My best guess is evolution. The songs were there, part of our collective DNA as brothers, but we are older and perhaps a touch wiser. We had to figure out how to hold on to the innocence and the integrity created in the early seventies and yet perform it with our now grown up senses and capabilities. A fantastic challenge, an admirable voyage. The term “It takes a Village” or in MM’s case it might be “It takes a Hamlet”, certainly does apply and my hope in this section of the Magic Music Web Site we can shed some light not only on the process that seemed to unfold but the incredible help and influence we have received from so many. Yes it took a Hamlet, and what a large, crazy, wonderful Hamlet it is….

So I can and will talk about instruments, guitars, keyboards, djembes, microphones, pre amps, Digital Performer, the process, cool stuff for sure and more. But I really hope to shed light on all the dear friends who have lent their talents and influence and given us an experience that non of us in the band could have ever expected or hoped for. The influences of our extended family has been invaluable and we hope to honor their contributions….

So this will have to happen in installments as I’m trying to catch up on my much neglected infustructure at home. So stay tuned, I hope they’ll be some handy info, funny stuff for sure.and a few stories along the way…. all the best…. TG