Will and tim 3

Tim and Will were hanging around the studio and thought it would be fun to bring a couple of the guitars that we all played back in 1970 into the game. These guitars were built by NBN guitars in Colorado, back in the day and were cherished by many terrific performers, such as James Taylor. Magic Music was given a bit of money by a fan to actually buy real guitars so they could perform their  music properly.  Lynn and Will went straight to NDN guitars and bought two instruments. These War horses made it through thick and thin for a long stretch of time. Unfortunately, Will’s guitar was stolen at a gig in Denver but Tim, who had one built at the same time, was gracious enough to bestow his NBN upon Will years later when he was in need of an instrument Thank you Tim! Recently, Lynn’s guitar came Will’s way after he passed and he rebuilt it, putting it back in the game! These wooden ships hold the history of songs and memories they all cherish.